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Photos: Conrad Monroe, 2009
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The High Country Barbershop Chorus, 2009
Our Guest Chorus

The Duke City Sound

The Duke City Sound was organized in 1998 by a small group of energetic and dedicated singers that came together with a dynamic goal - to take their craft to the highest possible level and have fun doing it. As a result, talented singers continue to add their voices to the group.

With individual musical roots in the group ranging from no formal musical training to college performance majors, these talented men come together for the opportunity to sing a variety of musical styles. Their repertoire of show tunes, vocal jazz, choral works and nostalgic American close harmony, coupled with their lively staging, has earned the award winning Duke City Sound a loyal following. See them at

Director: Farris Collins

Guest Quartet

The Summit

This prize winning quartet is made up of L-R: Tim McAlpine, Tenor; Shawn Mondragon, Lead; Marco Gonzalez, Bass; and Matt Vaive, Baritone.

Learn more about them at

Thanks guys, it was a real treat having you on our show!

Our Own Quartets

The Pine Tones

Tenor - Everett Peterson; Lead - Lloyd Lange; Bass - Doc Dockendorf;

Baritone - Ivan Mahaydik

The Knotty Pines

Baritone - Jim Morrow; Bass - Joe Stone; Lead - James H. Burden;

Tenor - Steve Countryman

Crook's Trail

Tenor - Bill Stephens; Lead - Bob Cutlipp; Bass - Larry Kennedy;

Baritone - Rich Hall

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