Pine Trails Quartet Activities

The Pine Trails Quartet Sings to Bonnie

By James Burden,September 2, 2020:  “The Pine Trails Quartet sang to Bonnie on her 88th birthday at Bison Ranch. We added “My Bonnie” by request.”


Everett Peterson, Tenor;  James Burden, Lead; Doc Dockendorf, Bass; Tom Wallis, Baritone
Bonnie, with granddaughter Sara, listens to her birthday songs.
The Pine Trails Quartet (with Duane substituting for Doc) at the 2019 Christmas Show
Pine Trails Quartet w Duane Christmas Show 2019
The Pine Trails Quartet Sings on Radio Station KWKM, Power 95.7 on July 8, 2019

The Pine Trails Quartet, recruiting Jim Barden to sing bass in place of Doc Dockendorf, sang a few songs on Power 95.7 to promote the summer chorus show “Happy Together – Then & Now”.  They not only sang to Jean Barton and her radio audience, but also sang  with Jean’s grandson Bradoc who had a great time. Jean has invited our chorus quartets to sing on her station many times, usually to promote our chorus show or Singing Valentines, which we appreciate greatly. Thanks Jean!

Everett Peterson, Tenor; James Burden, Lead; Jean Barton, Station Manager; Jim Barden, bass in for Doc Dockendorf; Tom Wallis, Bari

Jean Barton’s grandson Bradoc with the Pine Trails Quartet

The Pine Trails Quartet Sing At the Taylor, AZ., Walmart Grant Presentation

Once again Walmart has shown great support for the High Country Barbershop Chorus. The Taylor, Arizona, Walmart presented the chorus with a grant check on May 22, 2019. For more detail and a slide show click here (remember to click  the return arrow to return to this page when through.)

Tom Wallis, Baritone; Doc Dockendorf, Bass; James Burden, Lead; Everett Peterson, Tenor

The Pine Trails Quartet Sing At  Bannon Springs Assisted Living in  Vernon,  Arizona

On May 21, 2019, the Pine Trails Quartet sang at Bannon Springs assisted living Vernon, AZ., for approximately two hours and had very good visit. The residents also had fun as they asked the quartet to sing the parts individually then all together. They enjoyed a lunch of great of ham burgers, chips, hot dogs cookies and all the makings to go with it! Bannon Springs  gave the quartet a donation on top of it and  invited them to come back again soon! One interesting sidetone – Tom attracted some attention – a lady resident said to Tom Wallis ” you with the red tie don’t turn away from me, I want to hear you sing so he sang the baritone part of the song….then the other three singers sang their parts separately the quartet  sang it all together. She enjoyed  it with a big smile …..

Everett Peterson, Tenor; James Burden, Lead; Doc Dockendorf, Bass; Tom Wallis, Baritone

The Pine Trails Quartet Sing At the Show Low, AZ., Walmart Grant Presentation

The Pine Trails Quartet sang at Walmart on May 3, 2019, at an event to present a grant to the High Country Barbershop Chorus. For a full story of the event please click here, remembering to use the “return arrow” to return to this page.

Everett Peterson, Tenor; James Burden, Lead; Doc Dockendorf, Bass; Tom Wallis, Baritone 

More photos from this event:

  • Pine Trails Quartet at Walmart May 2019
The Pine Trails Quartet Compete at 2019 FWD, AZ Div. Convention

Everett Peterson, Tenor; James Burden, Lead; Doc Dockendorf, Bass; Tom Wallis, Baritone 

The Pine Trails Quartet competed in the Arizona Division Quartet Contest at the Far Western District, Arizona Division Convention in Mesa, AZ., on April 13, 2019. They were in a lineup of 14 quartets. The Pine Trails were one of several Senior and Super Senior  quartets. There were also 8 Choruses participating in the two-day event.
Super Senior means the combination of the 4 quartet members’ age equals more than 280 years!
” This was my first time in competition and I really enjoyed the challenge,” said James the lead singer.
Tenor Everett said, ” It was fun competing again in the Arizona Division of the Far Western Barbershop District. It was great to participate in the event and to listen to the best Barbershop Quartets and Choruses in Arizona!”
It’s great to be a barbershopper and help to keep the whole world singing, said Tom. 
” Singing before your peers is always fun, and to improve as a quartet it is necessary to have feedback and coaching. Watching and listening to the best in Arizona is a real pleasure” Doc exclaimed!
Doc made clear the answer to why we sing, “Singers live longer, they love to sing, they love the camaraderie, and it’s all a volunteer hobby!”
The Pine Trails sing at JD and Noni Dye Anniversary

The Pine Trails Quartet (Everett Peterson – Tenor, James H. Burden – Lead, Doc Dockendorf – Bass, and Tom Wallis – Baritone) sang at the United Methodist Church in Heber, AZ. on June 23, 2018. The occasion was the anniversary of former High Country Barbershop Chorus member Jim (JD) Dye and his wife Noni.

2018 Singing Valentines

The Pine Trails Quartet participated in the 2018 “Singing Valentines” program. Click on the link for details.