Singing Valentines 2018

For many years quartets from the High Country Barbershop Chorus have participated in the “Singing Valentines” program. Details in the 2018 flyer below:

Singing Valentines 2018

Two quartets participated in the 2018 Singing Valentines program in February this year, photos and details below:

The Pine Trails Quartet

Everett Peterson, Tenor; James Burden, Lead; Corrine Ruiz, WMI; Doc Dockendorf, Bass; Tom Wallis, Bari

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, around noon, the Pine Trails Quartet visited WMI, White Mountain Independent Newspaper and stopped production for just a few minutes! The quartet sang several love songs to the ladies and gentlemen in passing. Ms Corrine Ruiz, page designer for WMI, got the focus of attention while Bob Martinson took the photo. For many years the WMI has been an awesome support to the High Country Barbershop Chorus and has been very appreciate by the men and women of the chorus, James H Burden VP Public Relations,exclamied!

The Pine Trails Quartet had a very busy day:


The Ponderosa Pines Quartet

Mick Mitchke, Tenor; Jerry Schrunk, Lead; Marty LaMar; Ron LaMar, Bass; Don Murrow, Baritone

Marty LaMar received her singing valentine from husband Ron while shopping at Walmart. Valentine delivered by the Ponderosa Pines Quartet.