2017 Show Set Preparations

Since the theme of the 2017 Annual Show “The Greatest Generation” had a military theme, it was decided that the action should take place on a military base. As such we needed a “scene” that would imply barracks, and a sign to identify the base – “Camp Swampy.”

Fortunately, the Chorus has an artist in residence. Duane Krause offered to do the art work, while Mick Mitchke, with the help of James Burden and Jerry Schrunk, took on the job of preparing the “panels” needed upon which to create the scenes.

The “Camp Swampy Sign” –   The first step was to use a computer projector to find the proper size, font, etc. for the sign. This done, a “panel” was constructed, painted grey and placed so that the computer could project the text onto it. Next, the projected letters were outlined using a felt marker, then the rest of the letters were painted in.

Projecting the Letters Onto the Sign

Painting in the Letters


The Barracks Scene – This process was basically the same, make a panel, project and mark an image, then paint in the bare spots. See the progress below:

The Barracks Panel was Constructed and Moved for Scene Projection

Projecting and Marking the Scene on the Panel 

Painting The Scene