Barbershopper of the Year

It takes a lot of commitment from the chorus members to make a chorus successful, from serving as an officer, show chairman, riser manager, section leader, assistant director (and of course, Director) and many other tasks which must be done to succeed. Usually, each year someone stands out from the crowd in some way due to his commitment, new ideas, leadership, and significance or variety of accomplishments. This person is recognized at the Officers Installation Dinner in January the following year where he is presented with the  Barbershopper Of The Year Award (BOTY). The person is selected by a team made up of all of the prior BOTY recipients, and the award is generally presented by the prior year’s BOTY recipient.

Barbershopper of the Year  Award Winners to date are:

2019 – Tom Wallace

2018 – Mick Mitchke

2017 – Duane Krause

2016 – Millard Bolt

2015 – Don Murrow​

2014 John Graham

2013 – Jim (JD) Dye

2012 – Ron LaMar

2010 – Steve Voller

2009 – James H. Burden

2008 – Lloyd Lange

2007 – Everett Peterson

2006 – Bob Lawson

2005 – Alan Johnson

2004 – Jerry Schrunk

2003 – Steve Dygert

2002 – Dan Neeley

2001 – Doc Dockendorf