Better Late Than Never Quartet

The Better Late Than Never Quartet had a busy day at the Show Low, Arizona, Show Low Days Car Show on June 8, 2010. It was a sunny, and warm, day with little shade. Upon arriving the group stood beside a walkway and sang – to little notice. Seeking shelter they found it in a hot tub booth that had a little shade. Here they found more listeners. Attention to the singers continued to pick up especially after they were seated in a beautiful early Packard convertible with permission from the owner. There they attracted quite a crowd, including the Show Low City Television people who filmed part of their performance.  Finally, after singing to the owner of a 1905 Sears automobile, they were invited to the event microphone to sing a few songs. All in all, a great day. Slideshow below:

  • Everett Peterson, Tenor; Steve Voller, Lead; Joe Stone, Bass; Denny Shankland, Baritone
Better Late Than Never sings at Sponsor Night 2010
BLTN Quartet Walmart 12 4 2010
Better Late Than Never Singing Valentines w Jark Burden added
2011 BLTN Div Contest Apr 2011