Current HCBC Quartets

The chorus currently has four active quartets, shown below. Click on the quartet name to see if there is another page with more history for the quartet.  (For more about the many past quartets click on the “Quartets Thru the Years” menu item under “Chorus Quartets”.

The Pine Trails Quartet

Everett Peterson, Tenor;  James Burden, Lead;  Doc Dockendorf, Bass;  Tom Wallis, Baritone

The Ponderosa Pines Quartet


 Mick Mitchke, Tenor;  Jeff Walker, Lead;  Shaun Davis, Bass: Don Murrow, Baritone

The Spectrum Quartet

Jim Bohart, Baritone; Larry Kennedy, Bass; Millard Bolt, Lead; Steve Countryman, Tenor

The “Now Guys” Quartet

Gavin Bailey, Baritone; James-Mark ‘Jark” Burden, Bass; Stefan Bailey, Lead; Daniel Webb, Tenor