Coming Events

The next High Country Barbershop Chorus show will be on July 14, 2018, at the Show Low, Arizona, High School Auditorium. There will, as usual, be two performances, one at 2 PM and the evening show at 7 PM.

The chorus did a western themed show in 2005, which not only was a blast to perform, but very popular with the audience. Our 2018 show will once again be western themed, containing great songs like “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” “Tumbling Tumble Weeds,” etc.

The 2005 show program contained an image from an original painting by Steve Taylor, shown below this article. We are so fortunate that for the 2018 show, Steve has once again provided an original for the show program cover. Very appropriate – ghostly riders, herd out of control, etc. Here it is:  (Thanks Steve!)

Painting by Steve Taylor – Ghost Riders
The guest quartet on the show will be “Second Wind Quartet.” Photo below.


Tenor, Joseph Hopkin, is a giant in the scrap metal industry, slinging deals all over the world from Oklahoma to China. He’s been singing barbershop since he was 15 years old and is a second generation barbershopper. He got his start with the Rexburg Carousel Chorus. He is very into fitness, outdoorsy things, and occasionally indoorsy things. He currently resides in Taylorsville, Utah and watch out ladies…he’s single! 

Lead, Adam Haggart, is a licensed home and auto insurance agent… a job otherwise known as the “life of every party. ” He has been singing barbershop for 11 years, getting his start with the Saltaires Chorus in Salt Lake City. He sang with 2014 RMD Champs Highland Drive on baritone. Last year he married his gorgeous wife Rachelle and they reside in Orem, Utah. Adam has three children, Jackson-16, Kiera-14, and Scotland-9. He like the color purple, both the color AND the Tony-award winning musical.  

Baritone, Matt Allen, is an electrician by trade and a ninja magician by night. But mostly an electrician, so it doesn’t really go to his head that he’s so talented…and deadly. He has been singing the barbershop harmonies for 4 years and got his start singing with the Rexburg Carousel Chorus and the BYU-Idaho Barbershop Festival. He and his beautiful wife Sherri live with their 4 young kids (6,5,3 and 1) in the “sprawling metropolis” of Thatcher, AZ.

Bass, Chaz Chesser, is young…just 22 years old. But he is by far the most mature member of the quartet, and with his boyish curly hair, the best looking member as well. He sings the lowest notes, not to mention the highest notes…and can hold a note the longest (by a lot). He also remembers hundreds of tags (endings to songs) and can teach all four parts on command…you should test him on this after the show. He got his start singing barbershop five years ago with the Spirit of Phoenix Chorus, and still currently resides in Phoenix delivering pizza for the much beloved Spinelli’s Pizza in Tempe. 

Second Wind started as not much more than a whim about 2 years ago. Joseph, Chaz, and Matt had sung for fun as members of the Spirit of Phoenix chorus, always looking for the fourth member to the quartet that never happened. Then in August 2016, Joseph moved to Salt Lake City where he reunited with old friend Adam, and he thought…”hmmm…let’s get something going.” So, on a whim the foursome got together in Las Vegas for a weekend of singing. They changed a lot of parts. Adam switched from baritone to lead, Matt switched from lead to baritone, and Chaz switched from baritone to bass. It was pretty decent singing, so they decided to compete in the 2016 RMD contest…with only 1 real rehearsal. They surprised everyone, including themselves, and took third place. They decided to continue singing together, and have sung all throughout Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado, recently taking second place in the 2017 RMD contest and qualifying for the 2018 international competition in Orlando Florida.

The Show Will Also Feature the Ladies Quartet “One Voice” described below:

The 2005 High Country Barbershop Chorus Show Program Cover
Painting by Steve Taylor